Behind the Scene with Carl & Priscilla: A Couple with a Crafting Problem

Hey y'all! Thanks for visiting the C&P Behind the Scenes page. Here you'll learn a little about 'ole Carl & Priscilla (aka Dustin & Marcia) and get a peek of our state-of-the-art (cough, cough) manufacturing facility located just south of Nashville, Tennessee. That's us down there.

Aren't we cute together? (Standing next to that handsome devil makes me look good.) When we're not being mushy, we like to do stuff - lots of stuff. If we're not planning a gathering of friends or a big 'ole party at our cabin in Tennessee, we're making something. We build. We craft. We create.

Dustin is good at . . . well, most everything, really. Dude can install a complete plumbing system, operate heavy machinery, build a custom guitar and smoke darn good BBQ too! (You can see why I adore him, right?). His full-time gig is working in the commercial sign industry. We met when he owned a construction company and I needed a steel firebox built. (Oh, he welds too.) Although we resisted it for a while, it pretty much was love at first sight. 

I'm the "Priscilla" of this operation. My work background includes lawyering. I've always been a lawyer. I suppose if we look waaay back, we'd find my additional extensive experience in the competition clogging arena. (Not kidding. And no, clogging is not a plumbing problem.) And then there's my die-hard admiration for all things style: women's fashion, men's fashion, interior design, event planning and jewelry. Good Lord, I love me some jewelry! Where I lack in experience, I make up for in enthusiasm.

Last summer, after an extensive engagement of six(ish) hours, Dustin and I got married. We got hitched in the front yard, y'all! Look! I'm not kidding. 

(Sidenote: I didn't realize how country-fried that sounded until someone I didn't know very well asked, "Where did you two get married?"

Needless to say, some folks (including us) were surprised by our shotgun union. Fortunately, our friends and family got over the shock pretty quickly. Well, most everyone did. Anyway, that's another story..

Moving on . . .

We couldn't be happier! He's really the absolute best, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world. ❤️

While still in the honeymoon phase, we decided it was the perfect time to start a new business! Like I said, we like to do stuff. Lots of stuff.

It really has been super fun and incredibly rewarding. Our goal is to make quality products that will stand the test of time. Like this safari printed pigskin clutch. Adorable, isn't it?

And these rough agate tassel earrings are pretty great too, don't you think?


After dabbling in custom furniture and jewelry, we decided to take up leatherworking. Dustin (claimed he already) knew how to sew. At the time, my sewing experience consisted of buying a cheap sewing machine from Walmart while in law school, making a corduroy remote control holder (not kidding), and then losing interest when exam time came around. Fortunately, we immediately fell in love with leathercrafting and haven't looked back since!

We design, hand cut, and stitch each leather item with our own two hands. We test out each piece before putting it in the shop for you to purchase. Our goal is to create items we love, and that you can love for a lifetime too.

Pictured above: "The Priscilla" Small Clutch & "The Carl" Large Clutch/Portfolio in Green Nubuk Leather.)

(Pictured above: Custom C&P Bullet Casing Earrings.)

Since we're a new small business, our home is our workspace. We cut leather on our "back porch shop" and kitchen floor. We stitch at our dining room table or on the couch. And we happily work around it all because we love doing it!

We've been surprised and so grateful for the interest in our products. Our friends have been so supportive and encouraging. To keep up with requests, from time to time we "recruit" friends to help during what they thought would be a relaxing happy hour at The Cabin. But, it takes a village, man.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our little business. Now, y'all go buy something! Mama needs some new shoes . . . and leather.