Brass Tag Collection Necklace #699
Brass Tag Collection Necklace #699

Brass Tag Collection Necklace #699

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Brass Tag Collection Necklace #699

  • Vintage Brass Tag #699* (History of the brass tag collection is below)
  • Antique Bronze Chain
  • Simple and Unique Statement Piece
  • Gift Wrapping Available

The C&P Brass Tag Jewelry Collection features vintage brass tags sourced from a hydraulics plant in Paducah, Kentucky. The tags were used for the company's "lockout/tagout" practice - a safety practice aimed at preventing injuries that could be caused by an unexpected startup of a piece of machinery or equipment undergoing maintenance. The tags were used to notify other employees that the device should remain in the safe or "off" position until the maintenance was complete.

When Priscilla saw a fellow picker’s Instagram post picturing a pile of the brass tags, she immediately arranged to purchase as many as her friend was willing to sell. The C&P Brass Tag Collection was born with the creation of necklaces, bracelets and other one-of-kind accessories. Since then, custom pieces have been made representing anniversary and birthday dates, and other numbers that mean something special to our clients. 

All tags are stamped with 3 numbers, and have a lovely patina. If there’s a specific number combination you’d like, feel free to email us at and we’ll work with you to make a custom piece just for you!


*Due to custom Brass Tag Collection orders, Brass Tag Collection pieces may vary from the item pictured. Please message us if you would like a specific numbered brass tag and we will do our best to accommodate your request.