"Daisy" Leather Cuff

"Daisy" Leather Cuff

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“Daisy" Repurposed LV* Leather Cuff

(The “Daisy” Cuff is the second cuff in the stack of three.)

  • Hand cut, dyed and assembled leather cuff
  • Repurposed Vintage LV Canvas from Handbag
  • Mounted to Custom Leather Cuff
  • Solid Brass Rivets and Burrs Securely Affix Materials Together
  • Heavy Duty Line 24 Snap Closure

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 *Carl & Priscilla is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton, the LOUIS VUITTON brand, or Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A. in any capacity. The products crafted by Carl & Priscilla are made from used/vintage Louis Vuitton bags purchased lawfully from previous owners and then deconstructed to create new pieces, or the vintage materials are enhanced by adding artistic elements to create a new design. Carl & Priscilla does not claim any rights in the Louis Vuitton/LV symbol, the LOUIS VUITTON trademark, or any other related mark.